Please read description of each subscription for shipment details and important dates for order closures and cut offs.  In most cases, your order today will be fulfilled next month or within the next quarter for our quarterly boxes. 

The Teen Inspiration Box

A truly special gift box for that tween or teen girl that loves to be inspired! For the go-getter, the leader, the outgoing spirit in your life-choose the Inspiration Box. This is a bi-monthly box that will include 6-8 items for girls of this age to inspire, challenge, reward, and empower. The items will be from trusted vendors and partners who have missions to put the kids first, deliver quality products and support small businesses around the world. We will work tirelessly to continue to inspire you! We will curate this box for ages 10-16 (of course any age is fine, but the items chosen will be targeted to this age) This is a subscription and will renew automatically. You are always welcome to log in to edit, skip or cancel your subscription at any time. Your order this month means you will receive the next box that ships.

Spirit Box Junior Edition

Just like Spirit Box, this box is filled with 5-8 products each month from some of the industry's best companies! This box is curated for our girls 4-9. The perfect gift for that special girl that works so hard in school and sports! Renewal for this box is on the 14th of the month and shipment is usually between the 10th and 16th of the month. All subscriptions will renew automatically until you stop, skip or cancel the subscription. To cancel or skip a subscription, log in to your account and you can manage your account as you would like.

The Champions Box for Athletes

The Spirit Box for Athletes in Cheerleading, Gymnastics and Dance. Each box will contain gear for athletes, and may include items like sport specific accessories, skin and hair care, hair accessories for their sport, trendy items and more! Each box will have a retail value of $100 or more. Choose your athlete's size for gear and use the athlete's name as the SHIP TO name so that if we are able to personalize items, the athlete's name will be used. This is a quarterly box. Cut off date to order the next box is the 10th of the month previous to the ship month (ex: Dec 10th for the Jan box) *Cut off dates: Dec 10th for the January Box; March 10th for the April Box. Themes: January : Glitz and Glam April: Champions


A premium box for any woman to share with the girl in her life! Moms and daughters, Aunts and nieces, Grandmothers and Grand-daughters, this is a perfect box to open together. Start traditions. Create meaningful conversations. Discuss inspirations and empower one another! Expect to find jewelry, skin care, trendy items, accessories, and more in this box. Each box will have a theme with a conversation starter. We can't wait to hear what you think. $79/quarter Expect $140 retail value or more in each box First box launches in October. (orders for first box close September 15) Orders Sept 16-November 15 will ship with the December box- perfect gift at the holidays. Box shown was our initial test box for an event. The boxes will have different contents but the quality will still be the same style.

The Mini Spirit Box Experience

The cutest way to get started with Spirit Box! Not sure if they would like a subscription? Try our bi-monthly option that will offer 4-6 items that have previously been included in our monthly teen and jr. subscription boxes. They may or may not be all the same. Great for girls ages 5-12 Your box may include a bow, headband, makeup, trendy products, skin care, and more! If you are a current subscriber, this box would not be a great fit-you may already have many of these items. Boxes will begin shipping at the end of April and again in June, Aug, October and Dec.

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