The Story of Spirit Box

On a mission to find a way to fund my beautiful daughter's passion for All Star Cheer, we stumbled upon an idea that was not being done anywhere for cheerleaders-a monthly subscription box that made them smile each month and included items that cheerleaders would love and use.  This started as a fundraiser and grew very quickly into the wonderful organization that it is now.  We credit the success of Spirit Box to the parents and kids who love us, love the boxes and especially love being part of a positive and kind community doing great things in the world!

SPIRIT BOX ships around the globe to girls and boys in North America, Europe, Australia and Canada.  Every month we have moms and their kids enjoying a "boxing party" where we get together and box your beautiful boxes with love and then we celebrate together.  

Spirit Box was built for young girls and boys, and as a way for moms and dads to celebrate the hard work, effort and determination of their young athlete.  As we grow up with the kids we serve, we know we can have an even bigger impact by inviting all girls and boys to try our boxes and become part of our supportive community of parents and children who aim to make a difference in their own communities.  

SPIRIT BOX is much more than just a box!


How it all started

Meet our team

Christin O'Brien


Marketing, Strategy, Business Development, Educator

Wearer of all hats at Spirit Box

Mairead O'Brien


The inspiration behind SPIRIT BOX

Cheer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Swim

Spirit Box Family

The kids and their parents are the backbone of this company and the reason Spirit Box can make such a difference.

*WPA 2018 athletes above

A little more about SPIRIT BOX…

My name is Christin O'Brien and I am a mompreneur who is always combining my love for helping kids with business.  I strive to show my children that being a boss within their own lives can also empower others.  My background is in marketing, strategy and product development.  I most recently was a  teacher of business and entrepreneurship and inspired kids in underserved communities to accept hand'ups and make a path to intra or entrepreneurship to push for success in their own lives.  I am blessed and fortunate to have created a wonderful community that empowers young girls to be empathetic, positive and kind in a competive online world. 

Spirit Box offers four boxes that will cater to kids and their parents who seek more than just products in a box delivered to their doors.  With theme based boxes based on positive messages, Spirit Box is a perfect gift for kids who want to feel empowered, supported and heard.  Our newest box, The Infinity Box, represents the love that Mother and Daughter have for one another is infinite and never ending.  When a Spirit Box arrives at your home, everyone will put down their phones, gather around, and start to experience this  box that will create new traditions, deeper bonds and spur conversations.

We are introducing a first-time Infinity Box which also includes a conversation pack for daughters to share special moments with their mothers or other family members. Our new luxury box for mothers and daughters will help create conversations, build strong relationships and inspire young girls. I am trying to solve the problem of children and parents feeling they are not being heard, supported or empowered in their lives.  Today, kids are online seeing the world through the lens of social media.  Parents are nervous about what their child may be getting involved with.  This beautiful box will be a gift, not only due to the items included in the box, but because mothers and daughters with make time for one another to open this box. 

All over the world, kids are very excited when the purple Spirit Box comes to the door. They practically run down the mail carrier and rip open the box with delight before mom gets a chance to see what’s inside. We absolutely cherish this on our subscribers. But with the Infinity Box, we want the box to represent a hard stop to wait for one another. To open with intention and create meaningful conversations-but most of all to begin a new tradition 

My goal is to slow things down a bit with our subscription box and to bring inspiration into both of their lives to become confident and stronger young people to show the world that being kin d and being positive is the way to go!

Who is our box created for? Busy moms, Women who have young girls ages 4-16 that are performers in school and sport, actively involved in their community or social clubs and organizations.  These women are very involved in their child's daily life.  They will fall in love with the box and more specifically with the mission behind the box. 

In the beginning...

We started with 75 boxes in March 2016.  The first cheer box on the market and we did it because our daughter loved cheer and wanted a makeup and cheer box every month.  Since there was nothing on the market for her, we created it and every box has been designed based on the likes and requests of athletes in love with cheer, dance and gymnastics around the world!! 

Where we are today...

Thanks to the wonderful families we work tirelessly to serve each and every month, we have been growing since the day we took our first online order in February 2016.  We started out as a box just for cheerleaders like my daughter, but we have grown and expanded our offerings to have a box for every young girl and cheer boy!  We have enjoyed supporting causes like No Kid Hungry, Boo2Bullying, #BeKind initiatives, Supporting Childhood Cancer research and more.  Our ambassadors don't just post on social media in return for free gifts or discounts, we want them to be on a path to become stronger, more confident and empathetic young ladies. 

Our Newest Addition:  THE INFINITY BOX

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