First and foremost, we are so thankful to be able to have a chance to get back on track.  2020 has been such a challenge for Spirit Box and for all of our families.  We are praying for each of you to remain healthy and optimistic for a sense of normalcy to return to our lives soon.

We do hope you received our email in March about our decision to suspend all renewals and no new subscriptions beginning in March until we were able to receive quality product and recover losses from ordering in January and February for the March and April boxes.  We took a fairly big loss on some incoming inventory and needed to recover before shipping out new boxes.  What we thought would be 1-2 months has now become 7 months.  We have lost some vendors (a few friends who had businesses too-so sad) and have been working on getting a box ready for Sept/Oct timeframe since early August.  

We will begin shipping PAID boxes beginning in late October.  No new subscriptions will be initiated until we are sure we will be able to meet quarterly box obligations.  The economy and our vendors are a bit unstable.  If we were manufacturing or designing our own products, boy would this be easier. But, we rely on mom and pop shops, independent designers, craft creators and some big wholesalers.  We want to be sure we can deliver SO much better in 2021 than 2020. 

If you have a box (or more) you will be receiving an email update from us, please check your inbox by mid-month regarding delivery dates, etc.  

All paid boxes will ship (monthly or quarterly).  We are going to do our best to get 3 monthly boxes in before the holiday and 1-2 quarterly boxes before the holiday. Unfortunately, we cannot accomodate refunds for monthly or quarterly boxes.  


**No renewals will take place until 2021 and only with communication and opt in.  

You WILL NOT be charged for a box renewal in the future without communication. We owe you that.

*We truly appreciate you and value your business.
My daughter and I started SPIRIT Box with a goal to make the kids smileand help parents reward their hard working athletes.  Thank you for joining Spirit Box-we are very thankful for your business!!  We are just as frustrated as each of our families with these uncertain times.  So many times during this we believed we would never reopen.  This has been a sad and very unsettling few months for us here.  We are sorry if we disappointed any of our families-this has been a labor of love for our family for 4+ years and we certainly were grieving and taking it pretty hard.  We have been working with a few brands to help reinvigorate what we started and we will update you very soon! 

Spirit Box Enterprises

Perfect themed gift boxes for kids ages 4-16 and the women who love them so much!

Spirit Box offers 4 boxes that will cater to kids who seek more than just products in a box delivered to their doors.  With theme based boxes based on positive messages, Spirit Box is a perfect gift for kids who want to feel empowered, supported and heard.  

Let's empower the kids to be positive! 

Easy to Order

With our dashboard, it is easy to order, manage your subscription and upgrade or edit at any time! At your convenience, you can update payments, cancel, skip or edit address all from your phone or computer.  We try to make it easy!

Choose Your Timing

Each box has a different delivery schedule.  We try to fit every budget and type of box you may want for a special girl or teen in your life!  Choose Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly.

Options Based on Age and Theme

Each box is specifically curated to match a certain age and profile.  We have boxes to inspire young girls, boxes to support and empower tweens/teens, a box for mothers and daughters to share, and boxes for athletes!

Inspire One Another

Our Spirit Box Family is a community like no other.  We are positive, uplifting, supportive and caring.  Join us by following us on Social Media to learn more. #spiritboxfamily #spiritboxrocks

What is a SPIRIT BOX ?

Spirit Box is a purpose driven subscription box for girls ages 4-16. Each box includes special items that celebrate a specific theme, such as Community, Girl Power, Inspiration, Bravery, etc.  We have grown from a cheerleading centric box of goodies to something much more meaningful and powerful overall.  Spirit Box aims to be "more than just a box" - this is a lifestyle.  A lifestyle focused on positivity, inspiration, caring, and empowerment.  We work with our community to support causes, uplift others and spread spirit throughout the world.

Now, we are introducing a first-time Infinity Box which also includes a conversation pack for daughters to share special moments with their mothers or other family members. This new luxury box for mothers and daughters will help create conversations, build strong relationships and inspire young girls. 

We invite you to become part of our special community.  To be considered as part of our ambassador team, please click here to fill out an application about how you spread positivity in your community. 

Christin O'Brien,  Founder/CEO Spirit Box Enterprises, LTD

What's inside the box?

You will receive trendy items, necessities, beauty items, skin and hair care, jewelry and more-your girl will love her SPIRIT BOX!  Shown here is our very first INFINITY BOX we were lucky to hand out in the Hamptons to celebrities at a charity event.


How It Works

1. Choose your box!

Based on age, delivery schedule or preference, we will be sending you a beautiful box filled with 4-7 items curated to a theme

2. We curate your box

Each week we work to find beautiful items to feature in our upcoming boxes. We aim to inspire young people around the globe! 

3. Enjoy your Spirit Box!

When your Spirit Box arrives at your door, open and share your happiness with all of us!

What people say about Spirit Box

Spirit Box is more than just a box, it is a family! The box is the bonus, the absolute joy I see in my daughters eyes, every month while she opens her box is spectacular. If you are looking for that gift that keeps on giving , then you have found it. Thank you spiritbox for the joy you bring to my house every month!!!!

Tammy A- NH

Was so excited to see this on my doorstep today! Always love when my Spirit Box shows up!! This months box will give proceeds to St Judes to support childhood cancer. I love what this company stands for and is always giving back to the community!

Miss Kennedy - Austin, TX

Love love love. This isn't just a box of goodies. Each box has a meaning /theme. My daughter absolutely loves coming home to this each month! Not to mention the love the Spirit Box family has for one another. Awesome monthly subscription box. Highly recommend.

Lisa W - Vero Beach, FL

We are holding on shipping until we can get through the shutdown/COVID  lapse in our ship schedule and recovery. 

Thank you for your patience.

Please read FAQs to better understand how your Spirit Box works !

Spirit Box was featured on Happiness Jungle on 6/19 

Spirit Box was featured on Mind Set Go! With Mark Altman.  

Hear the story of Spirit Box!

Coming Soon:  Become an Ambassador, Influencer or Role Model for our brand.   

We will be accepting applications in December and January